Wheelchairs explained

wheel with a chair

Wheelchairs are some of the most important machines in the medical industry today. They are essential walking aids in times of injury, illness or disability. They are also used in sporting activities. Most of the times, wheelchairs are provided by major hospitals for temporary use while one is admitted at the specific hospital. If you still need a wheelchair after you are discharged from the hospital, you may have to buy one for yourself.

Where to get a wheelchair

Apart from hospitals and government agencies, there are also other wheelchair dealers both online and offline. There are also wheelchairs for sale and rent, depending on a person’s needs. Some disabled people may require wheelchairs for movement throughout their lives.

Others may have a temporary injury that is expected to heal in a few months or years. Such people may not need to buy a wheelchair. There are wheelchair rentals all over, and it should be easy for them to rent one for the time needed for them to heal. However, choose a wheelchair dealer within your locality if you are renting a wheelchair.

This will make it easy for you to have the chair repaired regularly. It will also be easy to change from one chair to another and finally return the chair once you have healed. If you live in Anaheim, California and its environs, for instance, you can rent a Disneyland wheelchair from the nearest dealer.


What to check for when renting a wheelchair

You know where to get a good wheelchair for rent, but you don’t know what makes a good wheelchair. There are several things to consider when buying or renting a wheelchair. Perhaps the first thing that you should consider is the size of the wheelchair.

Wheelchairs are available in various sizes, and you should choose the right size for you. You should be comfortable in the chair. Consider the type of the wheelchair as well. There are electric wheelchairs that have rechargeable batteries. These chairs allow you to move around with ease. There are also manual wheelchairs which are propelled by either the occupant or another person. You expect the electric wheelchairs to be more comfortable and relatively more expensive than the manual wheelchairs.

What matters here is what is more important to you- comfort or your budget. Manual or electric, you may also require a chair that has individualized controls and specialized seating adaptations, depending on your medical condition. In this case, you have to identify that specific chair carefully. In summary, you should choose a wheelchair that is easily customizable for your special needs.

checking the list

Is that all?

On top of the specific features of the wheelchair itself, you should also consider the terms of the rent agreement. What are the rates? Are the rates for each day equal? Are you required to pay a deposit? Is the use of the rented wheelchair limited to a specific geographical location?

These are other questions you need to ask yourself. The answer to each of these questions will help you make the right decision. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time to consider all the aspects of the rental agreement so that you get the best deal.







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