Top tips for your first trip to London

Your first trip to London can be quite daunting and exciting at the same time. With over 10 million visitors per year, it can be quite difficult getting around the city’s streets. In this post, you will learn some important tips to help you stay like a local.

Pre-order your oyster card

oyster card london 5t6The majority of ticket offices have been closed. They have been replaced with automated machines. Fortunately, these machines are bi-lingual.In fact, with these, you can cut your travel fares more than a half. Ensure you pre-order this card online and get it shipped to you no matter where you are in the world. In this way, you will be fine to go on the London’s buses, the overground, and underground, and even in a cable car.

Living social

London is known as one of the cities in the world that are expensive to work, live, and visit. It is just a matter of time before London comes up with cost-cutting and life-enhancing ways. There are several websites that share ideas about cut cost and quality experiences that range from afternoon tea and bus tours to guided tours and spa days. There are also boxing classes, theatre tickets, dinner deals, and gym memberships. This means that you do not have to pay everything in full to enjoy your London trip.

Use Uber

uber london travel 5r2This taxi service may seem to be an extravagance. However, you can get affordable rates on Uber X. If you are traveling with your friends, it is a good way to split the fare among yourselves. In fact, it is quite cheaper as compared to the tube. Other than splitting the fare, you will be enjoying an air-conditioned, comfortable private car with various entertainment options.

SIM card

Data roaming charges are yet to be abolished in Europe. Until telecommunication companies act together, using your phone in this city is a price affair. Thus, it is advisable to purchase “pay as you go” sim card. It is quite easy to plug in if your phone is unlocked. You will easily get back to Facebooking, Whatsapping, and Google Maps. You can ask for the Pay and Go plan that offers you more than 75 minutes to call other phones and landlines, several texts, and data for a month.…

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