Scuba Diving Atlantis

scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the best recreational activities that people enjoy in Atlantis. So many people wish to learn how to do it safely and properly. Most people don’t understand why there is usually a great emphasis on both training and having the right gear.

Most think that it is similar to jumping off a cliff or a plane into the ocean. While it might be possible to teach a participant how to use a tank of oxygen under water, when they are surrounded by such awesome beauty found below the sea, the chances are that something may end up going wrong. For this reason, it is imperative that the team goes through the following five steps to prepare for the main Diving Atlantis experience.

How to prepare for scuba diving

Prepare for the dive

This is the stage where all the questions are answered, and the excitement contained. It is the initial stage where the divers are also paired. It is where the leader of the dive needs to be appointed and responsibilities assigned. The discussion around the dive is also done here for matters to do with the terrain, the tide, sea depth, and visibility and also exit points. This is very crucial as it prepares the team for anything that might happen during the trip. It is important to ensure that you get all you can during this stage as any detail missed could spell doom for the whole crew.

Familiarize with the equipment

scuba diving, equipmentsYou will also be taught how to properly utilize the equipment at your disposal. All the divers are taught on how to keep tabs on each other’s equipment as well as their own so that in the event of something going wrong, it is addressed well in advance before it becomes fatal and endangers the whole team. You will also be educated on the different types of suits and gear for different types of water temperatures.

Pool sessions

Scuba diving is a thrilling sport that demands strict adherence to the standard procedures. After a briefing session, you are giving a chance to apply what you have learned. You will be required to suit up in full gear including the tank. At first, everything may feel a bit heavy, but one gets used to it with time. You will also learn how to efficiently breathe the compressed air.

Practice, practice

At first, you may not nail the dive, but with constant practice, you diving skills will keep improving. Diving in Atlantis may not be the easiest at first, especially when it comes to maintaining buoyancy but it gets better with practice.

Keep a dive log and debrief

scuba divingThis includes noting the experience you had during the dive, what was the most challenging part of the dive and what you found easy. From these logs, your scuba instructor will be able to figure out how to best help you improve your diving skills. It is therefore important to be truthful while filling in the log. These are some of the tasks that will help improve your scuba diving skills without having to endanger your life or that of any other person. As a rule, you should never try scuba dive alone. It is always good to inform your instructor whenever you want to go scuba diving so that they can advise you accordingly until they are confident enough that you can do it without much supervision.…

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