A guide on how to travel from Hong Kong to Fukuoka

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If you have plans of traveling from Hong Kong to Japan, it’s highly recommended that you consider going to the beautiful city of Fukuoka at the northern shores of Kyushu. It’s the perfect destination for people who are looking for outdoor fun, privacy, and cultural immersion. The city has several parks and immense green spaces that are perfect for strolls and picnics. The city is also home to well-kept museums and entertainment centers where you can get a taste of Japan’s unique culture and history. And of course, there’s the fact that Fukuoka has a nice and warm weather which can be very reinvigorating.


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Flights From Hong Kong

The good news is that there are daily direct flights from Hong Kong to Fukuoka. These very affordable flights are provided by HK Express, a Hong Kong-based budget airline that provides services to over twenty-eight destinations in Asia. These include major cities in Japan. Departure is usually at the Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 2 and arrival would be at the Fukuoka International Airport Terminal 1. Keep in mind that these are direct flights. There are no stopovers along the way. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to go to Fukuoka.


How To Book Your Flight

There are two ways on how you can book your flight to Fukuoka. One, you can visit any of the booking branches by HK Express and reserve a seat. Two, you can use the airline’s official website to book your flight. Using the airline’s online booking system is a better option because you can do it at home. You get to see which flights are fully booked or which days are available.

The website also lists the ticket prices on a per day basis. When you proceed to checkout, You’ll see what time the plane departs and what time it arrives in Fukuoka. Most of the time, the flight takes around three or three and a half hours. You can also either book a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket. Getting the former is advisable because there’s a good chance you can get a nice discount.


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10 Fun Things To Do In Fukuoka

1. Explore the historic Fukuoka Castle ruins.
2. Go shopping at the immense Canal City Hakata.
3. Visit a ramen stand and try the city’s famous Hakata Ramen.
4. Watch sumo wrestling at the Sumo Kyushu Basho.
5. Have a nice stroll at the Momochi Seaside Park.
6. Enjoy the tranquility at the Ohori Park. This is a water garden that was once a castle moat.
7. Watch the Fukuoka light up at night.
8. Contemplate and meditate at the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine.
9. Learn more about Japanese history at the Kyushu National Museum.
10. View a large collection of Japanese paintings and other types of artworks at the Fukuoka Art Museum.

In a nutshell, Fukuoka is the perfect destination for travelers. The beautiful city offers an abundance of attractions like parks, shrines, and cultural landmarks. And of course, as we mentioned earlier, getting there is easy and fast if you’re coming from Hong Kong. Just take a flight with HK Express and you’ll be in Fukuoka within three and a half hours.

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